A downloadable game for Windows

Tape is a horror game telling story about a pizza delivery girl who had a delivery order to a haunted house, and her journey inside the haunted house was recorded inside a vhs tape

system requirement:

OS: windows
processor: core i3 4005u
ram: 4GB
storage: 1.5GB available space

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars


Tape.zip 665 MB


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Yo game made me not go to sleep for 4 hours!馃榿

I think this game is pure gold.

If this was your first attempt at this style, you did an amazing job! Everything's here: cool retro graphics, creepy music, haunted house/occult subject matter, limited lives, ever-changing collectible locations... even an outside-the-game YouTube excursion (if you die a lot)!

Tons of replayability because each attempt introduces something we haven't seen before. Sure, there are a few AI flaws but in my view they're easy to look past. PLEASE make another game in this vein!!


hi, big thx for the creepy game. greetings from rosti 馃檹馃槝


Awesome Game! Really scary and unique! Keep it up! 馃憣馃徎

This game was so awesome. Who made the music? :)


The way this game made me feel is so unique to any other horror game I have played!

Hey guys, so first of all THANKYOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for downloading and playing my first itch.io game, even though this game was only developed for 2 months but I was so gladly that you guys enjoying my game even when there are many bugs and sorry I cannot reply all of the comment or read It also since I was being busy with uni project. Again THANKYOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for playing my game

Great game dude hope to see more in future :)

Agreed 馃憜馃憜 Keep creating Dev, and we'll keep playing!

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who is the voice actress for the pizza delivery girl?
sounds really familiar.

She is my friend in uni, her name is linh, If you know her name, you might be in the same uni with me :)

no, she sounds alot like emma langevin. great job.

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Well that was uncomfortable. Thanks for the fun game! By the way, I totally down played the game and ended up with egg on my face. A viewer of mine clipped me when I played this on my Twitch stream earlier today:


Ye the game was only develop in 2 months so the AI part was a real mess since It did not work well with the animation, that's why some time you see the monster moon walking around the level :), It was a fun experience for me though since I was challenging my self and thankyou sooo much for playing my game !


Got scared editing this...
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lol XD, I got scared while making this game too :)) and thankyou soo much for playing my game btw :)) 

Deleted 150 days ago

ah yeet and thankyou for playing my game btw :)


This had me going and got me a few times, nice work, & looking forward to seeing what dev does going forward

my next project hmmmmmmm gonna be a secret :))) and thankyouuuu for playing my game 


This game is so scary to me I had to quit. lol.


lol XD, Is alright , thanks for playing my game though :)))


Hey Wolfgas. This was one of our favorite games of the whole month so we decided to go back for more!

Thanks again for the game!

oh dammn, favorite of whole month ? that is huge, thankyouuu and thankyouu for playing my game


A super creepy game that ramps up the weird factor almost instantly!

The game has a nice retro console feel in terms of aesthetics and brings back the old school memories of lower poly horrors and also there is some very disturbing imagery in this game that makes you feel very uneasy. 

The ambient sounds are very disturbing and only get much worse as you discover more hearts located deep inside the house along side the other random events that occur.

Overall a very strange and quite frightening game this was really well done and a really good recipe for a spine tingling playthrough, it will be really interesting to see what other freaky horrors this creator makes, if this is anything to go by the next ones will only be more horrifying!

ye Idk how I slept while making this game though lol and thankyou for playing my game as well as the review :)


Tape starts at 20:24!


lol, like ur vids tho XD and thankyou for playing my game


Well, i have no words...... Except, what did i just witness...

well done.

lol XD, thankyouu for playing my game btw :))


I liked the film effects but I feel the "fog of war" was a bit extra. Was the voice acting intentionally low quality like that? The cheap jumpscare on "retry" is kind of obnoxious though....


ye the fog stuff was little bit of extra, mainly the fog is for optimization for the game, but when I see the fog can create some spoooky felling, I use It :). the voice acting was not supposed to be low quality like that since the game was made during the highest peak of the pandemic, I have to tell the voice actor to send the voice and they did not have great equipment for recording or a quiet room and It was quite hard for us to get a great quality. The retry stuff was quite broken :) , It was supposed to random the jump scare not suppose giving jump scare to player every time they click on retry :). But thankyouuu for the feedback, I will remind It and improve It on my next project. And also thankyouuuu so muchh for playing my game


I played your game as part of a 3 random horror games video, and I've got to say, it was super creepy.

I'm not exactly sure what it was about the game that creeped me out so much, but I couldn't even finish it (probably because I suck at games where you have to hide)

But, all in all, a great and scary experience, great work!

Here's my video for anyone interested:

nah, you not suck :))), probably some part of the game making you feel hard, but hey If you got some feedback, please share with me so I can improve on my next project. And thankyouuu soooooo much for playing my game


Honestly a pretty terrifying experience, it was so confusing to understand what was going on, but the objectives were clear to me at least. Enjoy the video I made about it!

lol XD, which part you was being confuse btw, pls let me know so I can improve on my next project, but I'm glad you know what to do cause the game was intend not to guide you so that you will more uncomfortable while playing this horror game. And thankyouuu for playing my game


Someone still using VHS in 2020 almost deserves an acid trip through a haunted house! 

lol, thankyouu so much for playing my game btw


Honestly when i first saw the monster kinda moonwalk 2 inches past me without seeing me I was like oh it's one of these but about halfway through it really really got creepy...  GG's


ye the game was only developed in 2 months so the AI and animation part was a mess though lol but will try my best to improve those thing in my feature projects and thanks for playing my game btw :)


It's so unsettling I had to pause sometimes in the middle of the game to breathe and drink some water to relax lol. Amazing!


Gameplay starts at 36:30

thanks for playing my game :)


I could not finish this game, it made me so uncomfortable...as if I was falling into a deep dark spiral of severe anxiety. I don't know what Demons you worshiped to make this game...but it's apparent you need Jesus.

ye need jesus badly while making this game, thanks for playing my game btw :)


Started off a bit slow then picked up speed really quick. The different stages that happened when I retrieved the items were very weird and uncomfortable, making the game even better. My only really problem was that a lot of the time the main creature would just walk past me or entered the room I'm in without registering that I'm there.

ye the demon was blind so sometime It wouldn't know that you there, It will chase you If you run too much tho and thankyouu for playing my game :)


This certainly is an experience! There's so much here to make the player uneasy and in that regard, mission accomplished!

lol XD, thanks for playing my game :) and well done for completing the mission :)



thanks for playing my game 馃憤 :)


loved the game, but I am truly cursed forever! 馃槀

lol XD , thanks for playing my game though XD


So apparently there are 2 endings to this game. I got the Good one on my first try.  

This game was a sensory overload and super disturbing with all of the imagery 馃槺

great video, subbed!!

nice, you get 2 ending and thanks for playing my game :)


Nice Game !  I Like it !

thanks for playing my game :)


I quit..

aw man :((((, but thanks for playing my game though :))


This game has an interesting bunch of monsters that I feel like can actually have a game for each on their own. My biggest gripe for this game is i didn't have a clear indication of how to find the hearts whilst the monster kept piling on top of me. Also, the viewing distance really made it hard to proceed, otherwise great game!

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ye, the concept of this game is to make sure not to guide you to make you feel uncomfortable while playing It, but If you not clear that you have to find the heart, well I will try my best to improve the objective and make sure everyone understand what to do on my next project and thankyou for playing my game as well as your feedback :))



lol XD, thanks for playing It btw XD

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